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The best way to solve this problem is to follow your instincts and be innovative. You can base your selection on the artist or theme. The most popular topics include architecture, landscape, children, people, animals and even portraits, among others. Although some works of art have remained popular over the years, it may not interest you as much as an individual, but given the number of options available, you will find the art you most desire. Figurative paintings and well-executed landscapes are still popular in modern art for sale.  Do your homework thoroughly:  For the art buyer, the Internet has brought variety and a better purchase option. Now you can explore works of art online, expand your selection and see many other styles that help you choose the paint you want for your home. Search online galleries and discover their services and testimonials. This will undoubtedly improve your knowledge and help you make a better purchasing decision.  Select the best seller:  Whether you want to add to your art collection or just enjoy some spectacular of contemporary art, choosing the best seller is hard work. Whether you buy a work of art in a gallery or online, do not forget to compare the price to verify the authenticity of the work and the money transfer process. If you buy a work of art directly in a gallery, remember that payment options can often be flexible in the art market. If you buy online, compare prices with other businesses online and choose the most affordable one. Do not forget to follow your purchase. There must be documents, invoices and duly documented receipts of your purchase. This document is necessary if you want to evaluate or sell the work.